WMS Playboy Prototype Pictures:

Version 1.01     Hint: Scroll down to find all infos

There exists only one WMS Playboy Prototype game with a whitewood playfield. It is in posession of Illinois Pinball (Gene Cunningham) who showed it one day to Jim Schelberg from  Pingame Journal . All pictures shown on this page are courtesy of Jim Schelberg who was so kind to send them to me.

All 4 Pinball2000 machines ever made are at Illinois Pinball. The left is the Playboy Development game and the second left is the Wizard Blocks Proto.



A Playfield Picture of Playboy, showing already Lamps, 3 Flippers and Ramps.


Playfield and Screen Picture of Playboy, showing Miss January and 3 Bunny Targets in the middle.


Playfield and Screen Picture of Playboy, showing Miss February. Watch the steep left Ramp with holes.


All thing concerning PLAYBOY is courtesy of Playboy Magazine.

To be continued when more pictures come one day.   M.Wiest  for Pinball2000.de

Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)