Revenge from Mars Media Collection:
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These are only first samples collected by rob willemsen. More stuff comes soon.

Some Screenshots:

Now find most of them within the quotes.

 RFM SW Version

 Martin champion

 Bally Logo in Standby Mode

 Credits (custom text) may be entered via Keyboard!!

Background melody Waves for download. All packed in ZIP Files  Caution, they are quite big!

 Martian Happy hour music (ZIP 767K)

 Mars kneads women background sound (ZIP 300K)

 Secret Weapon Background (2) (ZIP 1,2M)

Sorry rob, rest got lost in millions of mails...???!!!&"/!/&%

Miscellaneous stuff:

 RFM Stickers signed by G. Gomez

 RFM Flyer signed by G. Gomez

(I still may sell some of these stickers)

Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)