RFM quotes and pics recorded by Rob Willemsen  (and Martin Wiest + support of Daniel Williams)
Version 2.01 (from 1.09) for Pinball2000.de

Alien Abduction:

M: Behold our power !
(Clinton): Hilary come here, you gota see this !
(Hilary): Help ! Theyíre taking my car !
Donít let them get the interns !

M: We will take everything !
(Pilot): We got them on the run !
(Clinton): Can you take this dress ?
Take that, you greedy Martian !
M: Do not resist us !

(Clinton):  "Don't take the weenie cart, it's my favorite!"
[think about the meaning of weenie.......]

(Clinton): "Take the first lady, but leave my monster truck!"

(Clinton): Do you have any female Martians ?

Take that, you four armed felons.
(Clinton): I feel your pain, Martians.
M: Mmmm hotdogs, yummy !
M: You will be mesmerized by our green tractor beam !
Finish them off !
M: Oh, oh, oh no !!

Martian Happy Hour

(all quotes by Martians here):
What, are you drunk ?!
(Bartender): Oh, he was my favourite Martian.
Aughs ! That had to hurt.
Bartender ! A drink for my ugly green buddy here.
Three earthlings are walking into a BAR.... -Yeah, then what ? -....I forgot !
Whatís with the juggling thing ?
Huhh...what a mess.
To the invasion of the earth...cheers !
Bottoms up.
Oh, I didnít like him anyway.
Get me another round..on the planet !
Well...how many Earthlings does it take to screw in a lightbulb ?
I donít have a drinking purpl....problem.
Looks like HE couldn't hold his kerosene!  (middle martian dying)
I just got back from Uranus..  Did you fly?  Yes, and my arms are killing
I just got back from Uranus. Did you fly?  Yes, and my ass hurts...

Secret Weapon

M: Come on, you rusty bucket of bones !
Yahoo !
Deploy the Advanced Battle Emancipator !
Thatís some good fighting, ABE !
Take that, broccoli head !
Sucka-punch him !
Youíre in for an ass-whuppiní, Martian !
Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting !
Nice kick !
Take him out, ABE !
Breakshot, ABE !
Go for it, ABE !
(Announcer): Finish him !
Robo-Lincoln rocks !!
Break out the can of whup-ass !
Adios alien !
(Announcer): 15th president wins....
(Announcer): Robo-Lincoln wins....

Bonus Wave Multiball (Fuel)

Jackpot !
Allright, fill her up !
More, more !
Yahoo !
The more power the better !
Woohoo !
We need more fuel !
Get that fuel !
Hurry up, man !
Go, go !
Good job !

Tower Struggle

(with heavy Italian accent):
Now whata heck are you doing you stupid Martians ?!
The Martians are straightening the Tower of Pisa !!
You are very bad, you stinking Martians !
Go away, you extra-terrestials from Mars !
Stick it upa your neck, you ugly green Martians !
You Martians are not very smart, are you ?
Leave us Tower alone, you Martian bastards.
You Martians are no good !
Keepa your hands of our Tower of Pisa !
O, that shot wasa beautiful !
(Tower crushes): Molto bene !!
(Tower): Italia, Italia !
(Tower): Ah, it was justa stupid Tower anyway.
(Tower): Ah, it was always leaning the wrong way anyway.

Martian Tank (Mystery Mode)

Oh my starviní daughter: a Martian tank !!
M: please, be gentle !

Martian Autopsy (Mystery Mode)

What is this, a full body-cavity search??
Thatís not my spleen, thatís my wife !
This whole thing is just tearing me up inside, heh heh.
Hey, that keeps me regular.
I wonder where that went ?
I didnít think Iíd have a stomag for this hahaha.
(Doctor): Thanks, folks. Youíve been great ! Next show is at one oíclock.

Martian Aerobics (Mystery Mode)

- No quotes -


Super Jackpot !!

Drive-In Demolition

Youíre blockiní the screen !!
You will remove your saucer from in front of the screen ! (CFTBL/RS Taxi-Driver)
(Female replies): Down in front !!
M: Wonderful cinematography !
(Female): Honey, tell that Martian to move. I canít see.
M: Donít ruin the plot !
Take that !
M: Hah, that didnít hurt !
No saucers allowed !!
M: I love this movie !
(Choir): Move your saucer !
M: Miss me, hahah !
M (end of mode): I canít wait for the sequel !

Bonus Wave Multiball (Saucers)

More, more !!
We need those saucers !
Yahoo !
Go, go !!
Martian technology !
Hurry up, man !
Jackpot !!
Good job !

Paris in Peril

(with heavy French accent; a descendant of Francois du Grimm ?):
The Eiffel Tower is in great peril !
We will pummel you with...fruit !
M: Ah, Paris.....how romantic.
(Cow): Moooh !
M: Aaah Paris....the city of love , heh heh heh heh.
As the 4 martians descend from the sky (after hitting the center target once) .. The quote
I *think* is:  "Hit 'em where it hurts, men..  Aim for their (or those) little green gonads!!"
Get away from my Tower, you stinking Martians !
Martian flambées !
M: how Ďbout a little Paris flambé !?
Take that, you Martians.
Take that, broccoli head.
(Fighter pilot): Yeeha !!
Keep firiní boys, weíll turn them into pea soup !
M: Anyone for a French....toast ?
You will never defeat Paris, you Martians with a lot of arms.
Go back to Mars and take your four arms with you !
Go back to Mars and take your stinking odor with you!
(When finishing mode): Les etoiles, cíest magnifique !
(Finishing mode): Paris triomphes !


 another scene

M: Arrr, use the Big-O-Beam !!
M: Bigger ! Bigger !!
M: You cannot protect yourself from our giant livestock !
(Ned): Edna, get back in the house, Iíll take care of those Martians !
M: The bigger the better !
(Ned): Man, thatís one big pig !
(Edna): Iíve never seen a pig like that before !
(Ned): Now how we supposed to feed a pig like that?
(Pig): Hihihihi !
M: Our Big-O-Chicken will crush you, Earthlings.
(Ned): Gee thatís a big chicken !
(Edna): We're gonna get some big eggs outta that!
(Chicken): Kot !
M: Fear the big pig !
(Edna): Look at the size of Besse !
(Besse): Mooooh !
(Edna): Why canít you Martians go bother them city folks ?
(Duck): Quack !
(Ned): Hey you Martians ! Vamoos !
(Ned): No trespassers allowed, canít you read ?
(Edna): Ned, git the shotgun, there's Martians in the yard!

Mars Kneads Women

M: Aarrr ! Women !!
M: Letís take a look at this one...!
M: That one, that one, definitely that one.
M: O, yes, uhuhuhuhuhu ! (Beavis & Butthead)

(Male on the beach showing his muscles): Check out these pacs, baby.
(Female sunbather replies): Ooh baby, youíre hot ! Aaah !!
(Mr Muscle): Iím looking goood !
(Female): What-ever....oooh !
(Male): Man, Iím just rippiní !
(Female): Like; shut up.

M: Yes, letís look whatís on this one.

(Female in Martyís Massage Parlor): Wow, it feels like youíve got four hands !
or:  Wow, you've got QUITE the touch!
(Marty replies): Ow, yes !
(Marty): I need you ! More than youíll ever know !
M: Yes, yes !!

(Four Martians yell): I need your melons !!.....o, no ! (*)
(Female while hitting the four): Take that and that !!
(Female): How dare you grope me there !!
(the 4): Give me your melons !
(Female hitting back): Iíll pull your four arms off !
or: How dare you grope me there!
or: You can't grope ME and get away with it!"
M: O, that was great !

(Female in foodstore): Hmmm, broccoli, yummie !
(Martian hidden between broccoli): Pick me, pick me !!
(Female): This broccoli looks so fresh !
(Broccoli Martian): Surprise ! Hahahaha !!
(Female): This broccoli looks crustaceous. Aaaah !
(Broccoli): Hahahaha !!
(Store announcer): Ordenís Finer Food...fresh is our business.
(Broccoli): Fresh...and ready for picking !!
(Store announcer at end of scene): Cleanup in produce!
(Store announcer at end of scene): Pricecheck in broccoli!
M: Heh heh heh.
M: Oh my, yes, I like that one a lot.

(Female newsreader): This just in; Paris is burning.
(Martian who took the place of male newsreader): And it was a real blast !! Hahaha !!
(Female newsreader): Thousands of women across the country are reporting....aaah !!
(Martian newsreader): Iíll say ! Hahahaha !!
(Female newsreader): Giant livestock at farmer Nedís. Bob ? Oooh !!
(Martian Bob): How Ďbout a Martian ? Hewh !!

M: Yes, I liked that one.

(Helga): This is how we knead the dough ......
(Helga): Once the butter?? has set, its time to knead the dough....
 (Martian, coming out of the cooking bowl):  Did you say knead ? Hahahaha !!
(Helga): When you have many to feed, it pays to make sure you...oooh !!
(Helga): When you take the puppy seeds and crush them into little bits....oooh !!
(Bowl): Ooow...that feels great !
(Helga): Always make sure you read the recepie...oooh !

Bonus Wave Multiball (Weapons)

Get those weapons !
I like big weapons !
The more weapons the better !
Yeeha !
I love weapons !
Good job !
Jackpot ! Yahoo !
Letís go, letís move it !
Yahoo !!
I like big weapons.
Go ! go !
More ! More !
Wohoo !!
Get those weapons !
Hurry up, man. Letís go, letís move it !
Nice work, soldier.

Mothership Multiball

(Pilot): Man, will you look at the size of that thing ?!
(Pilot): Come in Houston, we got a problem.
Blast him out of the sky !
Come on, letís use some of the taxpayers money !
M: you are no match for our Grand Mothership !
(Pilot): Letís rock Ďní roll !
M: You are no match for our Step Mothership !
One more, baby.
Blow up the Mothership, now !!

Attack Mars:

(Pilot): Alright man, let's attack Mars! Charge!
(Pilot): You can run, but you can't hide, Martians!
(Pilot when the first level has been finished): Didn't we blow that planet up last time?

Remarks: Most of these quotes were recorded by not native english
speeking people. A lot of corrections were already got from larry scott.
Any additional corrections and additions are very welcome!

(*) Not used in family mode.  This rating needs to be completed.

Martin Wiest - Started: 08.03.2000 - (German date format)