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RFM Information that can be found on my pages:

 The Revenge from Mars owners list.
RFM misc. infos and faq
The History of Revenge from Mars (and other stuff)
Tech Info and Problem solutions for RFM:
The famous RFM quotes, don't miss them
RFM soundtracks and other stuff.
RFM prototype differences (many pics).
See some pictures from RFM serial # 001 (first MEL game)

 RFM 001 pic 1

 RFM 001 pic 2

 RFM 001 pic 3

 RFM 001 pic 4

 RFM 001 pic 5


Links to other pages containing major RFM Information:

Much Information about RFM - unfortunately taken down   Williams:  Revenge Page
German Info about RFM from Distributor, unfortunately taken down Novagames RFM page
A very good rulesheet can be found at Roya Naini's rulesheet in the IPDB
The latest SW versions 1.5 and 1.6 at: IPDB RFM Page (get 1.7 from me as pub loader file)
!!! The Super latest Software Version of Revenge 2.2 at: Mypinballs Homepage (may be used for Nucore, Pinbox and original PC)
Shaker Page RFMShaker Installation Page
The desciption how to install a shaker motor, supported since RFM version 2.1
A scan of the promo plastics can be found at (web archive version of) Ted Estes Promo Plastic Scans
Pictures about the unpack of a NIB RFM from Todd George Tod George unpacks his RFM March 2001
Stuff about RFM and especially Pin2000 technical backgrounds (no longer available): Jack A Robinson's RFM website

Latest News and major hints:

The most recent 'official' game software version of RFM is 1.5.
A release published post close of WMS Pinball division is version 1.6 also available on www.ipdb.org. This is the current proposed stable version for RFM with original PC ... but
.. a private project of a programmer named 'applejuice' has published a brand new version 2.0 and promises to provide further updates and improvements for Revenge from Mars.
It is free, but donations are welcome. See his homepage for download and change log Mypinballs Homepage An installation instruction how to install version 2.0 on Pinbox/Nucore systems can be found here: Pinball Supernova Activate the Ball-Saver and Replay after the Update!  
German collectors may lend a PUB card from me with Version 1.5 on it to allow a quick and easy update to 1.5. Yes, I already tested 1.5 and found no problems with it.

If you own a Revenge from Mars please register for the  owners list Please send your game info to : Martin Wiest

These pages are maintained by  Martin Wiest,  the  German Pinball Association (GPA)  and friendly help from lots of RFM players/owners around the world..

If would like to add any information about RFM on this page. Please Email me everything you have.
I will do my best to update this page and the owners list at least once per month.

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