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 The Revenge from Mars owners list.
RFM misc. infos and faq
The History of Revenge from Mars (and other stuff)
Tech Info and Problem solutions for RFM:
The famous RFM quotes, don't miss them
RFM soundtracks and other stuff.
RFM prototype differences (many pics).
See some pictures from RFM serial # 001 (first MEL game)

 RFM 001 pic 1

 RFM 001 pic 2

 RFM 001 pic 3

 RFM 001 pic 4

 RFM 001 pic 5


Links to other pages containing major RFM Information:

Much Information about RFM  Williams:  Revenge Page
German Info about RFM from Distributor Novagames RFM page
A very good rulesheet can be found at Roya Naini's rulesheet in the IPDB
The latest SW versions 1.4 and 1.5 at: WMS Pin2000 SW pages (get 1.6 from me as pub loader file)
A scan of the promo plastics can be found at Ted Estes Promo Plastic Scans
Pictures about the unpack of a NIB RFM from Todd George Tod George unpacks his RFM March 2001
Stuff about RFM and especially Pin2000 technical backgrounds: Jack A Robinson's RFM website

Latest News and major hints:

The most recent game software version of RFM is 1.5. I recommend to use that version. Activate the Ball-Saver and Replay after the Update!  German collectors may lend a PUB card from me with Version 1.5 on it to allow a quick and easy update to 1.5. Yes, I already tested 1.5 and found no problems with it.

If you own a Revenge from Mars please register for the  owners list Please send your game info to : Martin Wiest

These pages are maintained by  Martin Wiest,  the  German Pinball Association (GPA)  and friendly help from lots of RFM players/owners around the world..

If would like to add any information about RFM on this page. Please Email me everything you have.
I will do my best to update this page and the owners list at least once per month.

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